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On this, the third day of fishing, the boat is somehow heavier than before. And the mud on the banks from the rain the night prior was certainly no help. But neither man complained, and not a sound came from either until the straining was finished. When the boat was finally pulled all the way down the bank, when the rope hung slack and moistened from the surface of the water upon which it rested, then were the first words uttered, after you, from one to the other who had uttered the words the morning before. With a grunt and…

An iPhone home screen, the focus is on the logo of the Tik Tok app
An iPhone home screen, the focus is on the logo of the Tik Tok app
Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash

A more readable version of a Twitter thread that I just posted at

(particularly for those over the age of 18, and anyone who has ever used the word ‘cringe’ in their response to it, from someone who has done the very same in the past)

1. You need to learn how to use the app. Tap the screen to pause the video. Tap it again to resume. Don’t like the video? Scroll down, or (and this is the most important feature of Tik Tok) long-press the screen and tap “Not interested.”

2. If you do like the video…

Do you remember the start of the lockdown?

Was it your last day at work before heading home for an unknown time?

Was it a last night out with friends, a last gasp at ‘freedom,’ one last hurrah before the rules and restrictions would come into play?

Or perhaps it was that final shopping trip to pick up eggs, flour, and toilet paper en masse?

Or is it a haze? A murky, vague recollection of what life was before, and some strange time that feels at once to have happened last week and five years ago, when everything changed?

No matter how it came on, for most it…

There’s flesh to these bones.

There’s something to these bones, something that will cloak these words, something that will wrap around and infuse and power and strengthen and give form to these bones.

For now, they are nothing. Words. Letters. Shapes. Beds. They aren’t quite formless — there are hints at possibilities, divots and cracks and softness that hints at what they’ve been through already and where they’re prepared to go and what they’re prepared to do.

Perhaps they will form a mystery. Perhaps the knees will be cushioned, allowing the body of work to search about for clues and…

Matt Berninger

Instead of a review, here is a bunch of ridiculous things being compared to Matt Berninger’s voice

On ‘Serpentine Prison,’ the titular single from Matt Berninger’s forthcoming debut solo album (out October 2nd on Concord Records), Berninger’s voice is like a family sofa that you remember fondly. It’s comforting and plush, a sofa that is somewhat lumpy perhaps, but still the kind of thing you can sink back into and be enveloped into. There is probably an unnecessarily large, black, cable-knit blanket draped over one arm of the sofa, that everyone fights over before reluctantly sharing. It’s evocative and nostalgic…

Matt Berninger — Credit Chantal Anderson

As wonderfully ornate and dense as Matt Berninger’s lyrics can be, as abstract as they can be, as referential and descriptively visual as they can be, Berninger has a certain ability to write beautifully, perfectly simple lyrics that can crush you under the weight of them. An example from The National’s catalogue would be ‘About Today,’ although even that song is a little more evocative even as simple as the lyrics are. …

Well, first off, yes. But, let me explain.

Me. If you look closely you can see the tubing of my hearing-aid.

I was born three months early, half of a fraternal twin duo that made its way into the world early because we were bored of playing Monopoly inside my mother’s womb and wanted to see what other board games were available. At least, that’s what my mother tells me. I’ll leave it up to you to discern the truth from the truth-stretching.

The joke goes that my twin sister stole my hearing, and I stole her height (what little I could wrangle from her). She benefitted more from the exchange: her hearing…

Samuel Barker

I’m a deaf Australian who writes things and acts in things. Founder of

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